About the Rebate Program

Smokin’ Rebates® is a seamless data reporting service that helps retailers take advantage of numerous tobacco rebate programs. Because sales data is important for tobacco manufacturers, both RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris offer rebates up to $.15 per carton to retailers who provide them with tobacco sales scan data, which is helpful for their market research.

Currently, the RJ Reynolds and Philip Morris tobacco rebate programs offered are as follows: The RJR Scan Data Reporting Program, the PM USA Scan Data Incentive Program, the USSTC Scan Data Incentive Program, and the PM USA AOM Scan Data Incentive Program.

Data transmissions from Smokin’ Rebates are currently being accepted by both Philip Morris and RJ Reynolds.


Sample rebate earnings

Rebate checks are transmitted directly to retailers from the tobacco manufacturers. We do not collect any part of retailers’ rebate revenue. There is simply a one-time set-up fee and thereafter, a small monthly fee for using the Smokin’ Rebates program to report your sales data. There is no long term obligation or contract.

The chart below uses one chain store’s actual rebate earnings for one week. Rebate revenue for this store will be thousands of dollars per year.




Program Features

Smokin’ Rebates will capture, format and transmit your store’s tobacco and tobacco-related category sales data to the appropriate manufacturers in their desired format. It is available for many of the industry’s POS terminals. The cloud-based system ensures smooth operation that can be 100% transparent to the retailer. Or, retailers have the option to review, edit, and approve sales activity prior to transmission, as well as opt to use the analytic reports to gain insight into each store’s tobacco category.

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